Odyssey Momentum 2020

Odyssey Momentum is the 48 hours of online mass collaboration to solve 21 complex challenges. A completely new online experience that will allow everyone to embrace the potential of the internet and open a new world of possibilities to collaborate and create value. Momentum takes place on November 13-15, 2020.

After months of intense preparation, 105 selected teams from all over the world will co-create new solutions to complex challenges in collaboration with the stakeholders, regulators, scientists, and even other teams. They will be supported by hundreds of experts from a variety of sectors, while actual end-users will be able to provide input and feedback to new solutions being built. The teams can also leverage this opportunity to actively develop a community of supporters, as new stakeholders such as governments or corporations can show interest in their solution directly during the event and become part of a pilot project after, for instance by becoming the first user.

More information.

Website evenement: https://www.odyssey.org/momentum/
Datum evenement: vrijdag 13 november 2020
Locatie evenement: Online


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