Third Annual Delft Blockchain Symposium

“Blockchain Entering its Second Decade”

It is now more than a decade ago that the blockchain was introduced with the famous Nakamoto paper and the launch of the bitcoin. Although the media excitement of the last few years about the blockchain and the bitcoin has subsided, research and development in blockchain are still very much alive, and many projects and initiatives for its application are making solid progress. This third Annual Delft Blockchain Symposium organized by the Delft Blockchain Lab will provide a view on developments in blockchain at the beginning of its second decade. The symposium will feature a keynote talk by one of the most prominent researchers in blockchain, Arthur Gervais (Imperial College, UK), and includes presentations on the technology, its applications, and its policy and ethical aspects.

In 2017, the Delft Blockchain Lab (DBL), which brings together all blockchain-related research at TU Delft, was established. DBL has its origin in many years of research in peer-to-peer, reputation and accounting systems. Rather than focusing purely on the blockchain, its research target is digitizing trust for society and the economy. In addition to its focus on core technology and application-oriented aspects, DBL considers ethical and societal issues of blockchain technology. It takes a unique systems approach—its research roadmap calls for the design of a complete software stack from the highest level of decentralized markets through scalable consensus and alternatives for the standard blockchain, all the way down to the hardware enabling the required security.


13:00-13:30 registration, coffee+tea


  • Opening by Dick Epema (TU Delft)
  • Welcome by John Schmitz (dean Faculty EEMCS)
  • Rob van Gijzel (ambassador Dutch Blockchain Coalition)


  • Arthur Gervais (Imperial College, London, UK): Maleficience in Traditional and Blockchain based Financial Exchanges

Technology and Applications

  • Davide Grossi (Groningen University): Economic Design of Blockchain Protocols
  • Annibale Panichella (TU Delft): Title TBA
  • Johan Pouwelse (TU Delft): Technical Status of DBL Technology
  • Joran Honig (ConsenSys en University of Twente): Practical Mutation Testing for Smart Contracts
  • Bulat Nasrulin (TU Delft): A Risk-based Approach to Blockchain
  • Ayman Asmat (EUR): A Decentralized Local Energy Trading Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

Policy, Ethics and Innovation

  • Marijn Janssen (TU Delft): The Digicampus
  • Georgy Ishmaev (TU Delft): Hardcoding Norms in DAOs: Ethics of Self-Regulation
  • Hanneke Stenfert (TU Delft): Consensus in distributed networks? A social perspective on collaboration in blockchain innnovation

Student Blockchain Demonstrations

16:45-18:00 drinks


Attendance is free but you are required to register before January 27, 2020.

Website evenement:
Datum evenement: donderdag 30 januari 2020
Locatie evenement: Room Boole, Faculty EEMCS, TU Delft, Mekelweg 4, 2628 CD Delft


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