Workshop Sovrin into Production

Graag nodigen wij u uit voor de workshop: Sovrin into Production op donderdag 23 mei 2019. De workshop vindt plaats op de Homebase van de Dutch Blockchain Coalition in Delft. De workshop zal gehouden worden in het Engels.

Sovrin into Production

The Sovrin Network for self-sovereign identity (SSI) is on the brink of going into production. Phil Windley (Sovrin Foundation) will provide more background about Sovrin, and the business model of the Sovrin Network. The four Dutch Sovrin Stewards present their involvement with Sovrin, as well as future plans. The workshop concludes with a plenary discussion of SSI use cases in The Netherlands, and the potential role of Sovrin in those.

Thursday 23rd May

Dutch Blockchain Coalition, 5th floor, Van der Burghweg 1, 2628 CS Delft


9:30 Networking, coffee

10:00 Oskar van Deventer (TNO): Introduction

10:10 Phil Windley (Sovrin Foundation): Global Development Sovrin

10:40 Dutch Sovrin Stewards

10:40 Bram Neuteboom (Qiy): Qiy and Sovrin

10:55 Ralph Verhelst (Visma): Visma and Sovrin

11:10 Tey El-Rjula (Tykn): Tykn and Sovrin

11:25 Oskar van Deventer (TNO): TNO and Sovrin

11:40 Discussion: Sovrin use cases in The Netherlands

12:00 Afterparty

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Datum evenement: donderdag 23 mei 2019
Locatie evenement: Delft


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