Odyssey Hackathon 2020 - rescheduled

The Odyssey hackathon, in which DBC owns the Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) track with Digicampus, has been moved from April to 19-21 June.

Due to increasing concerns about the development of the coronavirus, the organization took this decision. More information about this from Odyssey itself can be found here: https://www.odyssey.org/hackathon-2020-rescheduled/.

For the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and Digicampus this means that in the coming months we will be able to pay extra attention to the subject of SSI, not only for the teams that have signed up for the SSI track but also for all other teams that need identity as a component for their solution. Among other things, an online location has been set up where information can be found about standards, available technology and applications, data sets and the SSI catalogue to be set up.

Besides extra time and attention for the teams, it also gives us more time to talk to other stakeholders. In this way, we can further elaborate and record the joint vision on self-sovereign identity, for example in the draft version of the Dutch Self-Sovereign Identity Framework (DSSIF). The teams in the hackathon can then use this framework as a basis for their solutions, both within and outside the SSI track. Also after the hackathon we will continue with the topic of SSI and we look forward to working together with the teams to make the Odyssey SSI challenge a great success, both in the run up to the hackathon in June and beyond!


Odyssey Hackathon offers a new space where everyone (and everything) can be part of a solution for a 21st century challenge. The challenges we tackle are complex multi-stakeholder problems that cannot be solved by one company, industry or state. They have a global social and economic impact and are linked to the United Nations' (UN) SDGs.

During the fourth edition of the Hackathon (19-21 June) in Groningen, the Netherlands, 105 selected teams will work together with companies, governments and non-profits to create solutions for the way we organise society in the 21st century. The areas where teams can make an impact vary from energy transition, logistics, urban infrastructure, healthcare, public safety to nature conservation and digital identity. Hundreds of Jedi, including legal and financial regulators, will support the teams in building their solutions.

All teams will have access to ecosystems related to their challenge for the further development of prototypes and the pilot launch after the hackathon. All teams will also receive the €200,000 total cash rewards.

Website evenement: https://www.odyssey.org/odyssey-hackathon-2020/
Datum evenement: Friday 19 June 2020
Locatie evenement: Groningen


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