Digital Identities

Development of blockchain building blocks: Digital Identities Reliable identification and authentication are basic conditions for virtually all applications of blockchain.

Blockchain solutions for the identification of persons, legal entities and objects is therefore the first thing that needs to be worked on. Identification processes are needed to make blockchain applications possible but at the same time these processes can be strengthened by blockchain. Working on identification processes requires a focus on both interoperability and standardisation and requires the will to work federatively, which already exists or is under development in various Dutch and international government bodies and industries.

Right to be forgotten

Various issues play a role In the construction of identity processes, such as the impact of strengthening the control of the citizen, the international standardisation and interoperability, the reuse of existing protocols for identification, and how the governance of these processes is organised. Issues concerning key management and the right to be forgotten still remain as well. The development of these other blockchain applications will require scientific research and development.