Human Capital

At the start of a technology cycle little expertise or talent is available. This also applies to blockchain.

There is a scarcity of knowledge and expertise about blockchain within the ICT, sociological, economic, legal, ethical and business themes. Knowledge and ambition need to be created at various levels within organisations so that speed and impact can be realised. Within ambitious organisations a critical mass of people is needed who can dream, direct, design, build and manage in blockchain. This existing talent gap will play a role in the international competitive struggle for blockchain technology.

Within the Human Capital Agenda line of action an effort will be made to disseminate the available knowledge as efficiently and quickly as possible. We will probably also have to look for knowledge and expertise that the coalition partners currently lack. It will also be investigated which knowledge, skills and behavioural competencies are definitely needed in the various domains that are relevant for the implementation of blockchain applications.

Needs of companies

The target groups for this are managers, organisation strategists, enterprise IT architects, software developers, business managers and professionals from the disciplines human resources, finance, auditing, logistics, quality assurance and compliance. Together with universities, universities of applied sciences, further education colleges and other training institutions the Human Capital Agenda line of action will put together training and professionalisation programmes that meet the needs of companies.

For this a wide range of teaching methods and learning environments will be used for blended learning and learning by doing. The development of more formal training and qualification programmes has also been initiated such as minors at the further and higher education levels.