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Combat Financial Crimes in the Era of Emergent Technologies

A multi-stakeholder perspective from the Netherlands and Singapore

On 3 March 2021 the first roundtable between the Netherlands and Singapore on Combat against Financial Crimes in the Era of Emergent Technologies took place. Emergent technologies as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence and privacy-preserving technologies have created many opportunities for innovation and economic growth, as well as a new borderless threat landscape.

Challenges to combat these cyber-enabled financial crimes can involve a significant number of actors and is by default a multistakeholder problem that requires innovative and collaborative solutions.

The Netherlands and Singapore are small countries with strong financial centres, highly digitalized and connect, with a strong focus on innovation. This roundtable envisioned to deepen foundations of trust and confidence to share our challenges as well as good practices. During the roundtable, the perspectives from all angles of the triple helix were shared, and as a result a prioritized agenda with important topics is identified.

Combat Financial Crimes in the Era of Emergent Technologies


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Alexander van den Wall Bake

Lead Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

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Program Lead Digital Product Passports

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Hanneke Jansen

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Rob van Gijzel

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Koen Hartog

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Harmen van de Kooij

Program Lead Digital Commons and Interoperability

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Femke Bartelds