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Company Passport Lunch & Talk with Entrepreneurs

On May 14th, we hosted an inspiring afternoon where we invited entrepreneurs to learn more about the Company Passport initiative and its potential benefits. Entrepreneurs from various sectors joined us, and we are grateful for the valuable insights they provided, which will help us identify key value streams and develop an effective adoption strategy for Company Passport.

The session kicked off with an informal lunch, offering entrepreneurs the chance to network and connect with our project management team. This was followed by a plenary presentation and a live demo, where numerous questions were asked, and feedback was provided regarding the usability of Company Passport. The interest was high, and by the end of the session, everyone recognized the importance of wallets and credentials, as well as upcoming regulations such as eIDAS 2.0.

Together, we can drive the digitalization of entrepreneurial activities. Interested in learning more about using digital data to enhance (legal) trust and convenience for businesses? Find more information here. 

about the message: Nina Huijberts

Nina Huijberts

Innovation Manager

about the message: Robert Jan van Pelt

Robert Jan van Pelt

Program manager Company Passport