DBC publishes study into Sovrin

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) management is a crucial element of today’s interconnected society. Following the initial assessment of the maturity of SSI solutions by the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, a further study has been conducted into Sovrin.

In this report we focus on Sovrin and further evaluate this SSI utility from various perspectives, such as technical, legal and security.

The aim of this evaluation is to determine whether or not Sovrin serves as a basis to continue building on by the DBC self-sovereign identity track. Following our evaluation, we conclude that Sovrin has proven to be a serious contender in the self-sovereign identity space, but it is not a clear winner at the moment, nor is it a mature product.

With the existence and setup of the technical platform, many use cases could be built. However, for the platform to become production ready many open issues would have to be solved.

Download the full study into Sovrin here