DBC, Digicampus and Odyssey launch SSI challenge

The Dutch Blockchain Coalition and Digicampus join forces in a special Self-Sovereign Identity track of the Odyssey 2020 hackathon. The identity challenge was launched during a Polaris event at the Hall of Knights in The Hague on Thursday.

Identity is key in any transaction. You have to know whom or what you are dealing with. Therefore a usable Digital Identity is key in any digital transaction and blockchain application. The coalition, Digicampus and Odyssey focus specifically on Self-Sovereign Identity.

Coalition manager Peter Verkoulen: “This means that an individual (person or entity) should be able to decide which identifiable information is known and for what it is being used. We believe SSI is essential to enable a usable, and widely accepted, digital identity and to really decentralize trust (-mechanisms).

Self-Sovereign Identity has been one of the main pillars of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, since it’s foundation early 2016. Along with it’s partners and the Digicampus, the DBC works on a Dutch Self-Sovereign Identity Framework.

Through the Odyssey 2020 Innovation Program & Hackathon, corporate, governmental and scientific organizations explore and discover the future by building it, together with other relevant stakeholders, experts, and the brightest teams from all over the world. At Odyssey Polaris, we have created the perfect setting to kick-off the program by introducing the 20 challenges of the season 2020, developed with our partners and their stakeholders.

For question in relation to SSI and the DBC, please contact coordinator Andrew Mooijman