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Duitsland en Nederland gaan werken aan digitale identiteit

The German State Secretary Markus Richter and State Secretary Raymond Knops signed a declaration on 23 September to work together in the field of digital identity. By signing the statement, the Netherlands and Germany are taking a step towards a digital identity system in which citizens have more control over their data that they can use in Europe.

The two countries agree to begin sharing examples and practices in developing tools to use digital identity. The two countries will also collaborate on a cross-border pilot to, for example, share identity information when booking a hotel or renting a car. The technical, legislative and operational experiences of the pilot will feed into a coordinated approach across Europe. 

The collaboration is an extension of the Coalition Of The Willing, a partnership of eight countries, including Germany. This partnership was founded by the Netherlands to exchange experiences with each other and to join forces in legislative and digital progress. 

During a DBC conference 2020, State Secretary Raymond Knops spoke with DBC chairman Rob van Gijzel and DBC coalition manager Peter Verkoulen about the importance of this collaboration between the various European countries in the field of digital identity. 

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