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Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC) welcomes new partner Zaisan

The DBC is pleased to announce that Zaisan has joined the coalition as a new partner. Zaisan offers expertise in Blockchain and Web3 technology. The company developed a web3 system integrator and helps companies bring projects “on-chain”. Zaisan offers its expertise in particular in making choices with regard to ecosystems, infrastructure and tooling. The company has already delivered successful projects in various sectors such as entertainment, sports, finance & Defi, logistics, hospitality and art.

Zaisan is an EU oriented and fully remote company with employees from Amsterdam, Lisbon, Dublin and Barcelona. The scale-up strives to empower next-gen technical solutions. The company wants to bridge the gap between the early adopters in the web3 community and the upcoming early majority adoption in enterprises. In addition to a web3 system integrator, Zaisan also offers Europechain, SSI Identity tooling and Web3 Consultancy.

Daniel Liven, COO Zaisan: "At Zaisan, we focus on the long-term enterprise and institutional adoption of blockchain technologies. We believe in decentralisation and self-sovereignty in conjunction with compliance and privacy. That's how the ideas of Europechain and our web3 wallet were conceived. We understand that in order to be at the forefront when mass adoption occurs, we need to be in the lead now. By joining the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, we aim to find like-minded forward thinkers. Amongst other initiatives, we are developing web3 KYC tooling. Actively participating in the SSI community is our initial focus."

The Dutch Blockchain Coalition is very pleased with the new connection, the expertise and the ambition of Zaisan as her new partner. The coalition looks forward to further identifying and developing the opportunities of blockchain technology and other decentralized technologies together with Zaisan.

If you would like more information, please contact:
about the message: Hanneke Jansen

Hanneke Jansen

Coalition secretary

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Victor van der Hulst