The Hague University of Applied Sciences and DBC start project Handshake

Human Capital Agenda ambassador of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition Katja van Kranenburg gave a presentation last week at the Haagse Hogeschool for the kick-off of the Handshake project. The purpose of the presentation was to warm up the students present to sign up for the project.

What's Handshake?

The Hague University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the DBC offers the assignment Handshake. Together with a number of parties, students will bridge the gap between education and practice. This will take shape in a matching tool built on blockchain technology with national coverage. With the help of this tool, organizations and students can get in touch with each other around blockchain assignments.

The end product uses blockchain to record the data in a ledger and trusted handling of the data by means of Smart Contracts. The details of the project handled via an iterative process.

The project is part of KOIOS, a digital educational infrastructure that is, as it were, offered in addition to the current education. In addition to a blockchain educational programme, the platform also contains various blockchain tools, such as experiments with tokens and certificates and a first experiment with an educational DAO. In the coming months a lot of work will be done on this.

More info can be found at and for questions Jordi Jansen of The Hague University of Applied Sciences is available.

For companies that want to become part of HBO-blockchain courses

For example as client, guest speakers etc., go to  (at the very bottom blue box "want to get involved?")

[photo Minor group Haagse Hogeschool]