Successful Kick Off Event of the Negotiable eBL Consortium

On September 8 the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and The Port of Rotterdam/BlockLab initiated the Kick Off Event of the Negotiable eBL Consortium. The ambition of the consortium is to be able to use the e-BL as soon as possible as an equivalent alternative to the paper bill of lading in international trade.

Digitization of the BL, the so-called Negotiable Eletronic Bill of Lading (EBL), can bring significant e­fficiency gains and is an important step towards making ports around the world, safer, faster, more efficient and sustainable. The consortium is proud to be part of this development and is actively reaching out to carriers, shippers, banks, logistics service providers and all other relevant stakeholders to work with them on setting an open standard for transfer of title. During the webinar the consortium explained their plans and discussed the follow-up process. For those of you who may have missed the webinar or in case you would like to share the webinar with others interested in this topic, feel free to refer to this link. Unfortunately we had some trouble with the audio of the webinar during the interview with Mr. Loh Sing Yong. So you can refer to this link for the interview with better audio quality.

In our 2-pager you can find out more regarding the negotiable eBL and our consortium.