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Recap Community Event Healthcare 8 november

On November 8th, the Community Event Health & Care took place, bringing together over 20 experts from the sector to enhance the Dutch healthcare system through decentralized technologies. The aim was to share knowledge, build networks, and explore new collaborations.

Throughout the event, various presentations and a brainstorming session were conducted, offering valuable insights. Viktor Koppenol from OASYS NOW, a medtech startup in Delft, shared their innovative software platform enabling individuals worldwide to manage their health and DNA data. This marks a significant stride towards global participation in clinical studies and scientific research. Leo Jetten of ZonMw elaborated on their role in programming and funding research and innovation in health, care, and well-being. ZonMw not only promotes knowledge but also identifies knowledge needs. Mark van Staalduinen from the DBC shed light on the Trust Tech Roadmap, emphasizing the critical role of digital trust tech. The challenge of striking the right balance between privacy and security in a world dominated by monolithic solutions was elucidated.

Overall, it was an inspiring afternoon filled with new ideas and renewed energy to collaboratively shape the future of healthcare.

Nicky Hekster - Dutch Blockchain Coalition

Viktor Koppenol - OASYS NOW 

Leo Jetten - ZonMW

Mark van Staalduinen - Dutch Blockchain Coalition 

about the message: Alexander van den Wall Bake

Alexander van den Wall Bake

Lead Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

about the message: Yvo Hunink

Yvo Hunink

Program Lead Digital Product Passports

about the message: Hanneke Jansen

Hanneke Jansen

Coalition secretary

about the message: Mark van Staalduinen

Mark van Staalduinen

Program Lead Digital Trust NL

about the message: Marloes Pomp

Marloes Pomp

Program Lead Governance & Web3

about the message: Nina Huijberts

Nina Huijberts

Innovation Manager

about the message: Robert Jan van Pelt

Robert Jan van Pelt

Program manager Company Passport

about the message: Victor van der Hulst

Victor van der Hulst


about the message: Rob van Gijzel

Rob van Gijzel

Vice president

about the message: Koen Hartog

Koen Hartog

Lead Use Cases

about the message: Harmen van de Kooij

Harmen van de Kooij

Program Lead Digital Commons and Interoperability

about the message: Femke Bartelds

Femke Bartelds