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Transmineo new partner Dutch Blockchain Coalition

DBC welcomes Transmineo as a new partner to the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. Transmineo is committed to improving the geographical inequality of accessibility for orphan medicines. The company’s mission fits in well with the Health & Care theme, which the DBC recently started with theme-lead Nicky Hekster.

The startup uses modern digital and information technologies to set up a future-oriented service model for commercializing orphan medicine in Europe in a cost-effective way.

Transmineo helps demonstrate value while addressing the payer's concerns. By assisting with scientific advice and actual data collection, the organization supports 3 critical processes that underpin the route to rapid, equitable and sustainable access to orphan medicines for patients in Europe – regardless of their geographic location now and in the future. Transmineo's business model thus facilitates the collection of data on the effectiveness of drugs during clinical application in a patient-centred manner. This helps to speed up reimbursement decision-making to ensure rapid, equitable and sustainable access to orphan medicines for patients in Europe.

Vidya Breeveld, founder of Transmineo is excited about the new collaboration: “We are proud to be part of an industry that is helping with science and technology to improve people’s lives. Our goal is to help our clients with what they need to bring their innovations to patients that need them. We look forward to further identify and develop the opportunities for blockchain together with the DBC and its partners in the healthcare sector and specifically in the route to fast, equitable and sustainable access to orphan medicines”.

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