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Triall is building a federated clinical data marketplace in collaboration with the Dutch Blockchain Coalition

Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC) member Triall, a company specialised in building software for clinical trials, announces the upcoming prototype release of the Clinical Insights Exchange (CIX), an international cooperation facilitated by the DBC’s Health & Care team with expert organisations in clinical research, enterprise software, and decentralised technologies.

The CIX will be a federated data marketplace where biopharma companies, clinicians, and patients can exchange research data and insights without having to share or otherwise expose underlying data resources. It applies a combination of decentralised and privacy-enhancing technologies, building upon 5 years of R&D by Triall and its network of strategic partners, including DBC member Sphereon, an expert in blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions. The CIX’s federated architecture leverages standards and specifications for machine-processability and semantic representation provided through Gaia-X, a European initiative that aims to make Europe's digital infrastructure future-proof and self-sovereign.

According to the WHO, over 60.000 clinical trials are initiated each year, but collected data is often only used for the purpose of a single study due to lack of sharing infrastructure and incentives as well as confidentiality and privacy concerns. In addition, patients who contribute data to a study generally lack insight and control over what happens with their data—a reality that stands in striking contrast with industry-wide calls for more patient-centric clinical research. The CIX addresses these issues by facilitating self-sovereign exchange and reuse of clinical trial data across currently siloed environments, opening a wealth of opportunities for advancing drug development and promoting patient ownership and control.

Triall aims at historical clinical trial data that currently resides in eClinical systems—the software used for capturing and storing data throughout a clinical study. To this end, the company has partnered with Crucial Data Solutions, a US-based eClinical system provider that offers a platform leveraged in over 8.000 studies globally.

The CIX will become a platform for advanced cryptographic techniques such as Compute-to-Data and secure Multi-Party Computation, allowing for privacy-friendly analysis over aggregated data from clinical trials and eClinical systems connected to the platform. It therefore enables data providers, such as biopharma companies or medical research institutes, to repurpose their clinical trial data without compromising data privacy or confidentiality.

Moreover, Triall’s CIX will offer a Web3 toolkit to empower, compensate, and incentivise clinical trial sponsors and patients in engaging with the platform. This includes an SSI wallet for fine-grained, self-sovereign control over data assets and access permissions—which Triall and Sphereon have been developing since early 2022—as well as Triall’s own utility token ‘TRL’, which launched in 2021 and serves as a means of benefit-sharing and reimbursement among clinical trial stakeholders.

Triall strongly believes in leveraging cooperative ecosystems for the purpose of product discovery, co-development, and customer validation. Since its foundation, the company has been collaborating with world-renowned organisations, including biopharma companies, service providers, and medical research centres. Last September, the company announced a Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension trial in collaboration with Mayo Clinic that involves 10 research sites across the United States and applies Triall's Verifiable Proof API to build immutable blockchain-registered audit trails of clinical trial data.

Triall is actively looking for strategic partners interested in becoming involved in building the first commercial version of the CIX, giving particular attention to the development of AI models and the design of protocols for privacy-friendly analysis.

Nicky Hekster, theme lead Health & Care DBC: "As Triall unveils its ground-breaking CIX marketplace for clinical trials, it embarks on a transformative journey where decentralized technology meets healthcare innovation. This platform opens up new avenues for patient-centric research, empowering individuals to actively participate in shaping the future of healthcare. Together, we can unlock the full potential of blockchain and other privacy preserving technologies in revolutionizing the landscape of clinical trials and ultimately improving patient outcomes."

Hadil Es-Sbai, Co-founder and CEO Triall: “The CIX marks an important next step in building towards a global digital ecosystem that interconnects all parties and systems involved in clinical trials. We’re thrilled to collaborate with industry-leading organisations to help shape and materialise our vision and are grateful for the support offered by the Dutch Blockchain Coalition.”

About Triall
Triall is a company that offers innovative software and supporting services to organisations involved in clinical trials. Since 2018, the company has been spearheading the implementation of decentralised and privacy-enhancing technologies for clinical research settings. Triall’s vision is to shape a digital ecosystem for clinical trials: a cross-system, multi-sided collaboration platform through which biopharma professionals, clinicians, patients, and other clinical trial stakeholders can collaborate and exchange research data and insights in a secure, verifiable, and self-sovereign way.

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