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Unique summit turns The Netherlands into centre of blockchain world

Unique summit turns The Netherlands into centre of blockchain world

The Startups & Investors:

The Netherlands is the best possible place in the world for starting, growing and internationalizing blockchain business, and is the number one gateway to the rest of Europe. StartupDelta, lead by special envoy HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, is continuously building the Dutch startup ecosystem, by breaking down barriers and improving access to talent, capital, networks, knowledge and markets.

The Launching Customers:

Initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, lead by Chairman Reni Penning de Vries, unites 4 Ministeries and 25 Corporates and large organizations in their venture to create fundamental, scientifically solid building blocks for a flourishing ecosystem, like Identity and IoT solutions. The coalition assumes a leading role and joint responsibility for an Action Agenda.

The Ecosystem where the action happens:

The Dutch Blockchain Hackathon, organized by DutchChain, founded by Rutger van Zuidam, mobilizes an open multidisciplinary ecosystem of 1600+ members (and growing) focused on building solutions and one collective mission: co-creating the next operating system for society. This international innovation accelerator with an annual programme unites launching customers (government and corporate) and startups from all over the world in over 10 preparative meetups, to collaborate in the largest blockchain hackathon in the world, which was first held in February 2017. With the inaugural annual Blockchain Future of Trust Summit, we kick off the second season!

On the 28th of September we will reach for the next level. We will kick off our second season with the Blockchain Future of Trust Summit 2017. For Global Grand Challenges, the Netherlands invites leading authorities in the fields of trusts, blockchain and transformation, to join 21 Round Tables. Here, launching customers (government and corporate), looking for solutions on a quest for future trust, are joined by the best blockchain startups and the most prudent, forward thinking investors, as well as scientists, developers, politicians, board and tech leaders. Together we will create a full day of collaboration, inspiration, doing business and growing, in the largest open blockchain ecosystem in Europe, at the heart of the Dutch democracy: The Hall of Knights/ Ridderzaal.

During one day of hard work you will learn how blockchain specifically impacts you and your organization. You will figure out your role in the ecosystem, find out what you can do and how, and you will make useful connections and actually pre-seed to do business.