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Webinar 2 - Gamifying Climate Finance

Two weeks ago, the "Climate Finance" webinar series kicked off with a comprehensive presentation on the global carbon market. This week marked the second installment of the series!

In this second webinar, William ten Zijthoff from Carbify and Bart Veldkamp from Trollverse discussed how to foster engagement through gameplay using real-life physical data to make a climate impact. We reflect on an inspiring, interactive session where participants learned a lot about the various possibilities within gameplay and climate finance, emphasizing that this is indeed an emerging market with much potential.

The Climate Finance webinar series consists of 3 webinars, with the final one scheduled for November 14th. Register via the link below! 

Webinar 3 - Quadratic Funding
Datum: 14 november
15:30 - 17:00u
door Azeem vanuit Gitcoin

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Yvo Hunink

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Nina Huijberts

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