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The DBC's partners

The DBC's partners

Blockchain technology can be used for building more sustainable, more secure and more reliable digital infrastructure. That means that it is potentially revolutionary technology. That potential can only be realised through open cooperation, however, on the one hand because the knowledge has to be pooled and bundled, and on the other because the decentralised nature of blockchain technology demands new and decentralised forms of governance and collaboration. By their very nature, blockchain applications cannot be developed within the walls of a single organisation. That is why representatives from the public and private sectors and knowledge institutions took the initiative in March 2017 to establish the Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC).

The coalition has been open at all times to experts and stakeholders who want to help achieve the maximum possible result as a coalition. This always needs consideration of where the link can best be made between the expertise on offer and the interests of the programme. It is a long-term cooperation that can take various forms and is tailored by mutual agreement to the capabilities and needs of the partners. 

Membership of the DBC has been open since 2020 to any public or private organisation. The DBC has a mechanism that allows its members to make contributions financially or in-kind. The in-kind input is at least as important, given that it also ensures that the parties involved are genuinely active.

Become a partner

New participants can become members in various forms of partnership, depending on the size of their organisation. A condition for the core partners is that they provide both the requisite financial contribution and input in-kind by participating in projects.

Organisations that are interested in joining the Dutch Blockchain Coalition can contact us. A DBC core partner can become involved in one or more initiatives as well as coming up with new ideas and suggestions – we are in fact actively looking for such initiatives from new or existing DBC members.

In the rapidly developing world of blockchain technology, young and innovative organisations play a crucial role. The Dutch Blockchain Coalition is therefore keen to offer start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs a place within the coalition too.

There are various opportunities for start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs to work with the coalition. Start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs can take part in existing working groups by providing in-kind expertise and collaborating. That lets them benefit from the coalition’s knowledge and its partner network.


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