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Agriculture, Water & Food

Agriculture, Water & Food

Blockchain offers numerous opportunities in the area of Agriculture, Water and Food (which includes water safety) for improving transparency, traceability, efficiency and the position of farmers and horticultural growers within agri-food chains – aspects that are essential for a sustainable agri-food industry.

The agricultural sector can apply blockchain to become more efficient and more sustainable. Because there is no longer any need for a central controlling body, digital transactions can be extensively automated. Blockchain can also play a part in balancing and future-proofing the agri-food industry, for example by making food chains more transparent.
On instructions from the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Wageningen University and Research (WUR) carried out a study looking at the applicability of blockchain in the agri-food chain. The study examined over 30 blockchain use cases and blockchain platforms in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

The Dutch Blockchain Coalition

The major challenges in agriculture today demand a systemic solution within which blockchain technology could play a role to create a decentralised setup for the agri-food system. The Agriculture, Water and Food application area will be fleshed out further in 2022. The Dutch Blockchain Coalition wants to address the issues outlined above together with its current partners and new ones. If you would like to take part or would like more information, don't hasitate to contact us!