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Energy & sustainability

Energy & sustainability

Our society runs on what the planet and the economy have to offer. If the Earth is still to be a good living environment in 2050, major efforts are going to be needed in terms of the climate. Emissions of greenhouse gases nationwide need to be down 49% by 2030 (with respect to 1990), and ultimately down 95% by 2050. The available raw materials will have to be used more inventively too.

Together with universities, commercial companies and governmental authorities, the Dutch Blockchain Coalition is aiming to accelerate the energy transition. Blockchain technology is very much a key element in the transparency needed as we make our energy system more sustainable. Blockchain can play a significant part in sustainable and scalable solutions for the energy sector. That is one of the challenges that we are all facing.

It is the reason why we started an energy ‘track’ in which parties such as Shell, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, the Dutch Emissions Authority, ABN AMRO, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and others are working together on use cases such as defining the biofuels chain and data exchange for optimising the electricity grid.

The Dutch Blockchain Coalition as the linking element

Together with its partners, the Dutch Blockchain Coalition is addressing these issues and acting as a linking element between market parties from the energy sector, central and local government authorities, solutions providers and blockchain experts. The DBC uses its contacts both in the Netherlands and in its international network for this.

If you would like more information, please contact:

Yvo Hunink

Theme lead Energy & Sustainability