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Health and Care

Health and Care

Blockchain has been applied in the care sector over recent years. To take one example, uNLock helped create safe ‘bubbles’ – in other words, controlled environments in which the risk of coronavirus infections are very small because everyone present at an event location has to provide digital proof of a negative test result. Blockchain is also being used for simplifying and accelerating the payment process for the care provided.

The best-known example of the application of blockchain in healthcare in the Netherlands is in maternity care, where the parents get a digital wallet containing the number of hours of care that they are entitled to. After checking with the customer (the parents) that the service was indeed provided, they check it and sign it off themselves. The maternity care provider and the agency can then see immediately how many hours are still open and the information is shared immediately with the insurer so that payment can be arranged.

There have also been experiments using blockchain for preventing thefts of medicines within the logistical chains. In this case, blockchain is being used as the ‘connective tissue’ between the IT systems of the parties concerned. This generates a shared overview of the status of a product and action can be taken as soon as any discrepancies are detected.

Larger-scale application of decentralised technology in the care sector needs the cooperation to be intensified and resources (including funding) to be bundled. The complexity of the care sector and the large, heterogeneous mass of parties involved make this a challenging task.

The Dutch Blockchain Coalition

Our mission is to increase knowledge about blockchain and its use, accelerating the decentralisation of digital infrastructure in the Netherlands. The DBC wants to address this application area, in particular when data and privacy aspects come to the fore. This will be fleshed out further in 2022. The Dutch Blockchain Coalition wants to address the issues outlined above together with its current partners and new ones. If you would like to take part or would like more information, don't hesitate to contact us!

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