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Entrepreneur Passport

Entrepreneur Passport

As of 1 August 2021, European citizens are supposed to be able to set up a company entirely digitally. With that in mind, the Royal Dutch Association of Civil-Law Notaries (KNB) asked the Dutch Blockchain Coalition to help think about the role of blockchain in the digital process for founding a company. Together with representatives of the KNB, the chambers of commerce, ABN AMRO, Pwc and the Tax and Customs Administration, the concept of an ‘enterprise passport’ has been worked out.

The principle for the enterprise passport is that it is based on the digital deed of formation from the civil-law notary. Each step in the process is cryptographically assured. The information that has been checked by the notary is reused as much as possible by the parties that are involved later in the process, for example for opening a bank account.

After successfully finalising the concept of the enterprise passport, the DBC and the other parties involved will determine whether the step for setting up companies completely autonomously can be made.

Interview with Leon Roseleur from the KNB about the Enterpreneur Passport

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