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My pension rights transfer

A completed use case


My pension rights transfer

The Mijnwaardeoverdacht.nl platform (My pension rights transfer) is the first blockchain application internationally in the pensions domain. The prototype was developed jointly with several large pension providers and a team of platform developers at APG, under the name Hyfen. You can use this platform to transfer pensions rights much more quickly and simply – and safely, of course! The Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC) played a supporting role and helped generate the necessary management attention for the project. 

This application searches for pensions for you and immediately gives you the option of looking at a proposal for transferring the value. All the main elements are covered in the proposal, letting you make a proper comparison between the two pensions arrangements. An application such as this is also interesting for e.g. DBC use cases for mortgages, diplomas and services for switching between energy suppliers and healthcare insurers.


The platform has been developed with a modular structure that allows the administrative systems of pensions sector parties to be connected together. After a technology assessment was carried out, a combination of proven technology (such as databases and cloud infrastructure) combined with distributed ledger technology (DLT) was chosen for implementing the pension rights transfer platform. DLT is essentially a kind of records system that the information can be stored in. In this case, DLT is only part of the overall solution and is used specifically where it can add value, namely in creating a shared understanding for the parties.


The as-built functionality shortens turnaround times of pension right transfers from what used to be anything up to 9 months down to the maximum legal payment term of 10 working days, as APIs provide the right information from the right parties at the right time.

The focus is on the pension scheme member’s experience and on making the processes at the pension provider organisation more efficient. Whereas the pension scheme member previously had to complete the application using paper forms, they are now guided in making a choice digitally in real time by a wizard, with comparisons between the old and new pension schemes. Scheme members thereby benefit from better comparisons and simplified services. The costs are moreover lower for the pension provider.

The five short clips below take you through the entire process.

See whether using such an application could be interesting for your company too.

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