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In February 2020, various well-known organisations from the commercial and scientific sectors joined forces in uNLock. This initiative led to a digital solution being created that lets members of the public themselves share coronavirus test results in a trusted and digitally secure way, giving them access to “bubbles”– controlled environments where the risk of coronavirus infection is very low. The digital proof of a negative test result is the final element that lets an event venue create a controlled bubble.

uNLock is helping create safe “bubbles”

The basic principle of uNLock is that users have full control over their data. In the solution as developed, data is not stored and neither is it shared centrally. In addition, the user chooses whether or not to use data to let them access a bubble. Conversely, the party organising the bubble can be confident that the coronavirus test data presented does actually belong to that person.

For more background information about the underlying technology, see also Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI).

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