Compliance by design

Subsidies are an important tool for ensuring that we organise society in the way that we want. For example, subsidies for green energy, for farmers who produce what we need or for helping people who need help.

However, the rules for such subsidies are often very complex for the recipients and we occasionally hear about subsidies being misused. What we need: more transparency and automation of processes so that it becomes easier for everybody. Blockchain offers that possibility. In the language of technology this is: “Compliance by design”.
In other words, the money is used for the intended purpose and in the intended manner. In this use case, we will elaborate a specific application, but in a generic manner so that a wide range of subsidies can be built on this application.

Then we will not have to reinvent the wheel each time. With this case, we will help the Netherlands and it is hardly surprising that the EU is just as interested in the subject as well. We will share our experiences there.

Download the visiondocument Blockchain for Good

06 December 2018


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