Blockchain offers many opportunities for logistics chains:

Blockchain offers many opportunities for logistics chains:

• more transparent, reliable and honest chains;

• fewer administrative burdens and more efficient transport including the limitation of emissions;

• cheaper associated services such as trade financing and insurances;

• a new energy logistics in which energy supply and demand, including the logistical impact of this, at both the market and physical energy system levels can be transacted decentrally.

Blockchain For Good

This subject was chosen because various initiatives in the area of logistics are developing the fastest, logistics initiatives can be quickly scaled up worldwide, the Netherlands is a key player in logistics, and for the Dutch economy this will earn the most in both the short and long term. Internationally, many countries want to collaborate on this subject with important Dutch players, partly because these companies (such as Port of Rotterdam, KLM and Schiphol) have built up a good reputation in this area. Furthermore, due to the current turmoil in the geopolitical arena, there is a strong need to objectify trust in trade flows and to simplify processes. Finally it is important to have the financial sector, an important sector for the Netherlands and Europe, work more closely with the logistics sector.

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06 December 2018


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