The changing employment market in which Dutch citizens change jobs with increasing speed and frequency, poses considerable administrative challenges for pension schemes that can result in uncertainties for pensioners. Compared to the current systems, several questions, such as ’how much pension have I built up where?’, can be made easier to answer using Blockchain technology.

The pension funds APG and PGGM already have the ambition of using Blockchain technology to increase the efficiency of parts of pension administrative processes, which will eventually lead to a structural reduction in costs for all pension participants. DBC is participating in this use case from the perspective that citizens should gain more control and ownership over their pension as well as increased insight into this.

By developing a generic building block for the Dutch and European Blockchain infrastructure, official documents such as diplomas, certificates and registers can be reliably shared and verified.

Download the visiondocument Blockchain for Good

06 December 2018


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