Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

A self-sovereign identity (SSI) is the driving force for a supple interaction in the online economy with a direct impact on the physical world. That is only possible with government interactions and therefore participation, especially for the confirmation that you who you claim to be and/or that you are 18+ and many other values.

This is in line with the Digital Government agenda and the use cases diplomas and pensions, for example. The starting point is the creation of an open government in which the transition is made from the copying of information to the sharing of values about this information. The information remains the single source of truth.

DBC has built up a well-functioning collaboration over the past year. In the coalition participants have worked on knowledge and prototypes concerning SSI. This proposal intends to continue this collaboration and to professionally expand it to all relevant parties in the field of identity so that the realisation of SSI can be accelerated. Besides the components for this SSI, this concerns, for example, the construction of the digital identity infrastructure and a system of agreements. This identity infrastructure and the system of agreements should be linked with the existing identity services (e.g. DigiD) and provide openings for new developments such as SSI. This will lay the foundation for providing government services in which the individual takes centre stage.

This digital identity is vitally important and accordingly an action point for DBC. We are working on a proposal about how we can give this impetus. We know what we want to achieve and we realise that we need to do this with a substantial number of parties, not least the government. In the coming months, a concrete proposal will be drawn up, which must result at the start of 2019 in an entity that has sufficient funds to realise the implementation of SSI.

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06 December 2018


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