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EY new partner of the DBC

EY new partner of the DBC

The DBC welcomes EY as a new core partner. EY provides knowledge in the field of strategy, transformation, process optimization, (cyber) security, compliance, taxation, finance and legal aspects.

EY believes that blockchain technology has the potential to streamline and improve business processes, increase cyber security and transparency, and reduce or eliminate the role of intermediaries. EY is already helping organizations with various blockchain solutions. For example, EY recently launched a blockchain platform for wine distributors, which makes it possible to promote and sell new and vintage wines on a global level.

Marco Louwes, Partner Technology Consulting at EY: “As a core partner of the DBC, we can think along at a national level about how we can reliably deploy and develop blockchain technology. We will contribute our knowledge and expertise to strengthen the international position of the Netherlands as a knowledge society in this area together with the other partners. ”

Dennis Post, Partner Tax at EY: “The ambition to improve Dutch society by solving the major problems with disruptive blockchain technology fits in seamlessly with our own ambition" Building a Better Working World ". We look forward to contributing across the board with our expertise. ”

Frans van Ette, Coalition Manager DBC: “EY enriches the coalition with its broad and relevant knowledge in areas where blockchain is applied. Knowledge combined with the enthusiasm for actively participating in the coalition activities makes EY a very valuable partner in the coalition. ”

The full press release can be found on the EY website.


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