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Webinar - Trust Technologies: Game Changer for Security and Privacy

Last week, the CIP - Centrum Informatiebeveiliging en Privacybescherming hosted a webinar on Digital Trust and Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs). In today's digital decade, understanding and implementing these technologies is crucial in safeguarding personal data. Here's a snapshot of the key insights shared by the experts:

Underlining the importance of Digital Trust and solutions by Trust Technologies

The session started with emphasizing the importance of digital trust by Mark van Staalduinen (Dutch Blockchain Coalition). The challenge of balancing privacy and security in a world dominated by monolithic solutions was brought to the forefront. How can we achieve the best of both worlds? The answer lies in trust technologies. 

Turning Innovation into Practice

The second speaker, Daniël Worm (TNO), highlighted the practical aspects of PETs, emphasizing their potential as game-changers. PETs allow us to gain valuable insights without sharing the data itself. One example is checking if someone qualifies for extra AOW benefits by combining certain datapoints. In doing so, the government can increase the communication towards the group of eligible people, who may not be aware of the existence of this arrangement. It's a powerful tool in the arsenal of trust technologies.

Navigating the PET Landscape

The third presentation explored how to use PETs in practical real-world scenarios. It's not just about technology; it also requires a commitment to privacy by design data analysis and data collaboration governance. The expert, Maarten Everts (Linksight), shared success stories from various projects where PETs demonstrated their value in processing personal data. GERDA (Geintegreerde Regionale Data-infrastructuur Achterhoek) is an example of implemented PET, offering insights into regional health by sharing cross-domain health data without the need to share the data itself.

We would like to thank Walter van Wijk (CIP - Centrum Informatiebeveiliging en Privacybescherming) to moderate this session with over 100+ participants. Let's work together to embrace these innovations and create a future where privacy and security coexist harmoniously. As we continue the journey of digitalization, these insights remind us of the critical role of Trust Technologies play in building Digital Trust.


Want to see the webinar? Please visit the following link:

over het bericht: Mark van Staalduinen

Mark van Staalduinen

Program Lead Digital Trust NL