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The Netherlands at Blockchain Solution Forum in Barcelona

The Netherlands at Blockchain Solution Forum in Barcelona

Blockchain Solutions Forum and Cypto-Economy - is the first ever is the first ever global summit on Crypto Financing and Investments - is organized by BECON in partnership with Fira Barcelona and takes place in Barcelona this October 3-5.

This is a truly historical event, where IoT, Blockchain and the Crypto Economy take center stage in front of over 12,000 people. This is the worlds leading conference showcasing practical use cases of how Blockchain technology impacts industries such as Energy, Financial Services, Humanitarian Aid, Real Estate, Music and Entertainment, Logistics and Construction.

Tackling oppurtunities

The Dutch way of working is about bringing companies, government and knowledge

institutions together to tackle challenges such as the opportunities presented by Blockchain. We want to channel the practical knowhow of fieldlabs to the general challenges of identity management, legal requirements and the likes. These challenges are best solved in a public-private partnership such as the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. - Frans van Ette, coalition manager.

Through a public-private cooperation consisting of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, the

Netherlands Business Support Office in Barcelona and Enterprise Summit, a Holland Booth

will be realised during the congress. Enterprise Summit is known for the Holland Pavilions

and (start-up) programming during Smart City Expo, Mobile World Congress and SXSW.

New model

Speakers include C-level executives and Blockchain leads from The World Bank, Save the

Children, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, MIT, Port of Rotterdam, Ericsson, Open Music

Initiative, as well as board members of the Bitcoin Foundation, Ethereum Enterprise

Alliance, the NEM Foundation, with special guest and panellist Sophia the first humanoid

robot in the world who will talk about the convergence of new technology.

Over the course of three days youll hear not only about Blockchain use cases but also from investors and regulators from all over the world, as well as entrepreneurs launching their products and companies through an Initial Coin or Token Offering (ICO) on all areas of this new model of funding companies, and investing in them.

Dutch Blockchain Coalition

Many exploratory initiatives surrounding Blockchain are being realised in the Netherlands

within industry, the government and knowledge institutions. Several initiatives are already

approaching the prototype phase and are expected to be operational within several years.

The Dutch Blockchain Coalition brings these initiatives together to create the conditions for reliable and socially acceptable applications. The coalition considers Blockchain to be a potential source of trust, well-being, welfare and security for citizens, society and

companies. The aim of the coalition is to create the conditions for reliable and socially acceptable Blockchain applications.

Fira de Barcelona is one of the most important trade fair organisations in Europe and will

schedule the Blockchain Solutions Forum alongside the 3rd IOT Solutions World Congress

2017 as an integrated event.

BECON (Blockchain Ecosystem Network) is a global and cross-sector platform for

collaboration, networking, explaining and advancing Blockchain methodologies and

solutions, driving the application and implementation of Blockchain in all private and public sectors. The program can be found on the web site: http://www.blockchainsolutions...