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The Dutch National Blockchain Course

The Dutch National Blockchain Course

The Dutch National Blockchain Course is for everyone, and certainly for you! In this online course, we will explain what blockchain really is. Blockchain is nearly always linked to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. However, this technology has many other applications. One of them is making supply chains transparent, so that coffee and chocolate can genuinely be traded fairly.

This course consists of six modules, each with a different theme such as “What is blockchain?”, “What can we do with it?” and “Cryptos & Tokens”. Each module consists of an introduction in the form of theory, we then talk to people who have a lot to do with blockchain in their daily work. And we conclude each module with a roundtable discussion with experts who shed their light on the current state of affairs and future of the theme concerned.

    During this course, you will learn to:

    • describe what blockchain is;
    • describe which application possibilities blockchain has;
    • describe what types of blockchain there are;
    • substantiate when blockchain has real added value over other technological solutions;
    • describe legal issues and issues related to how blockchain consumes energy.

    Who is this course for?

    • Anyone who wants to learn about blockchain and its possible applications.
    • Professionals who want to know more about the possible impact of blockchain on their company, products and market.

    Prior knowledge requirements

    • This course is open to anyone who is interested in the subject of blockchain and wants to know more about it.
    • There are no requirements for educational level or work experience.
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