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The Netherlands must remain a secure country for its people to live and work in. A safe and secure society is not as obvious as it sounds, though – the country will face some complex challenges over the coming years. This demands a proactive attitude and innovative approaches for tackling potential threats, with the digital domain near the top of the list. Blockchain can provide data integrity in crucial chains. Decentralised technology can moreover be beneficial for the accessibility of crucial data, including in crisis situations. This reduces the risk of hacks or other cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, or mitigates the risks if they do occur.

A great deal of attention has been paid lately to what is known as the ‘zero trust’ approach, a principle expressed by the underlying mantra “never trust, always verify”. Blockchain is an appropriate resource for testing whether individuals or data can be trusted.

Decentralised technology that can safely and transparently define and implement the rules that apply to systems is important for the larger-scale application of autonomous systems too. Finally, the combination of blockchain with the Internet of Things (IoT) also deserves a mention. Blockchain is suitable for determining the identities of devices, which will speed up authorising IoT devices considerably and make enforcement simpler.

To get the most out of decentralised technology, we need to make use of the latest scientific understandings, look for combinations with other key technological elements and pay attention to ethical and societal issues and the fundamental and structural aspects of security questions. That can be done if we get the authorities, the commercial sector and centres of expertise to cooperate closely, at the European level as well. That cooperation also encourages economic opportunities for the commercial sector, in the form of innovations that are widely applicable in both domestic and foreign markets.

The Dutch Blockchain Coalition

Our mission is to increase knowledge about blockchain and its use, accelerating the decentralisation of digital infrastructure in the Netherlands. We focus on the various application areas as we do so. A new vision of cybersecurity can improve security while still respecting the privacy of the public at large and of organisations. Blockchain can play a role there, which is why DBC wants to be involved.

The Security application area will be fleshed out further in 2022. The DBC wants to address the issues outlined above together with current partners and new ones. If you would like to take part or would like more information, don't hesitate to contact us!

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