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InCyber Forum, Lille (26-28 March 2024)

This year, the DBC again visited the largest cybersecurity conference in Europe, the InCyber Forum in Lille, held from March 26th to 28th. Read here the summary of this mission to France.

Trust in our digital ecosystem is a cornerstone of our society. How can technological trends be aligned with societal expectations through Trust by Design? To address this, we look at Trust Tech: technologies that contribute to achieving Digital Trust. Trust Tech, including cybersecurity, privacy technology, and secure data sharing, is crucial for strengthening Digital Trust, also known as the foundation of successful digital transformation. Despite the irreversible digital transformation, challenges such as data breaches, misinformation, and cyber attacks are recognized as serious obstacles that must be addressed.

The latest French Trust Tech developments were identified at the InCyber Forum, exploring how these can contribute to creating Digital Trust. It was an excellent opportunity to gain insights from a wide range of perspectives, including key players such as CEA, Pôle d'excellence cyber, Airbus CyberSecurity, as well as various delegations from countries such as Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the European Commission.

Additionally, DBC member Mark van Staalduinen participated in a panel discussion on 'the joint advancements in AI and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)'.

Key takeaways:
💡Sharing threat information and data is essential for a timely response to urgent cyber threats, but is also sensitive. Technological advances in secure decentralized data sharing are needed.
💡Collaborative AI focuses on lifelong learning strategies for experts and AI, which is fundamental to ensuring trust in operational AI implementations.
💡Innovation is needed to unlock the potential of AI to solve human capital challenges in cyber talent, bearing in mind that AI will never fully replace experts.

This visit contributed to furthering the development of Digital Trust in the Netherlands. The 'Digital Trust NL' program, as the successor to the DBC's Security theme, outlines a way forward through public-private partnerships to strengthen national synergies and promote international cooperation.

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about the message: Mark van Staalduinen

Mark van Staalduinen

Program Lead Digital Trust NL