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Interim Report Renewable Fuels Traceability - now online

The energy transition presents new challenges. As the industry shifts from fossil fuels to renewable fuels, the question arises of how parties can demonstrate and verify that green energy is truly green. This kick-started the Renewable Fuels Traceability project, launched by the Dutch Blockchain Coalition at the end of 2021 in collaboration with various stakeholders within the sector. The goal is to explore new digital infrastructures with the industry to enable a more efficient and transparent system for the exchange of sustainability data.

Running from 2021 to early 2023, the project's outcomes and insights are documented in this interim report. The project specifically focused on reducing risks in the information exchange within the supply chain of renewable fuels. It also aimed to maintain the manageability and cost-effectiveness of the administration of sustainability and CO2 emission reduction information, while providing end-users with sustainability information.

The project concluded on the importance of collaboration and transparency in the renewable fuels industry, grounded in the principle of privacy-by-design. Multipe recommendations for future developments were provided, including the need for a common long-term vision for the future, the importance of establishing a strong mandate, and the focus on building a trust framework. The report also suggests potential scenarios for new partnerships/consortia, such as community building and the development of an interoperable digital product passport standard.

Read the report here

Interim Report Renewable Fuels Traceability

about the message: Yvo Hunink

Yvo Hunink

Program Lead Digital Product Passports

about the message: Nina Huijberts

Nina Huijberts

Innovation Manager