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CFLW Cyber Strategies joins Dutch Blockchain Coalition as new partner

The Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC) is pleased to announce that CFLW Cyber ​​Strategies joined DBC as a partner.

Cyberspace and new emerging technologies offer plenty of opportunities for innovation to improve our living standards. However, new technologies also create new and unknown threats to which our society and companies are vulnerable, such as the risk of falling victim to cybercrime.

Overcoming these challenges is not easy — flexibility and adaptability are required to remain resilient in the face of ever-changing cyber threats. Understanding such developments in order to devise appropriate strategic solutions is what CFLW stands for: the cyber flow, or in short, CFLW (“sea-flow”).

“Realizing the CFLW ambition for a safer cyberspace is no mean task and requires both national as well as international cooperation. Due to the complexity involved, there is no efficient solution that can be developed by any one organization or company; instead, knowledge-intensive collaboration between multiple stakeholders is required.

In regards to CFLW’s open-source intelligence (OSINT) services, cryptocurrencies and other blockchain tokens play an important role in facilitating payments for illegal activities. As such, we are continuously looking for new countermeasures to combat the abuse of these crypto-assets. Both the multi-stakeholder collaborative approach, as well as the focus on a secure and reliable blockchain ecosystem, are reasons why it makes sense for us to join the Dutch Blockchain Coalition” says Dr Mark van Staalduinen, director and founder of CFLW Cyber ​​Strategies and also Safety theme-lead at the DBC.

About CLFW Cyber Strategies

CFLW Cyber Strategies strengthens cybersecurity with data-driven solutions. The crafting of their solutions is based on the latest research and development of cybersecurity technologies. CFLW has a strong focus on translating highly relevant and new security concepts from the research and development phase into operational solutions to meet these growing needs. In our global market, the company is focusing especially on Europe and Southeast Asia by building communities with trusted partners from government, industry and academia.

Becoming a partner of DBC too?

There are several ways to becoming a partner of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. For an overview, please visit this page. Interested in becoming a DBC partner with your company? Contact us.